The Upside of Anger

Anger is not a 'bad' emotion. There are no bad emotions. Our feelings give us valuable information. Let us for a moment compare anger to a physical sensation you might feel in your body. If you put your hand down on a boiling radiator the negative sensation in your body would inform you that you need to remove your hand, thus keeping you safe. Anger works in much the same way. It gives us information about our world and about our interactions with others. If you are left short in your paycheck at work you might feel angry. As a result, you might contact the HR department to get your wages sorted out. If your friend borrows an item of clothing from you and doesn't return it, you might start

What Do You Notice?

Life is busy, life is tough and sometimes the effort of it can feel relentless. As a result we often only take time to stop and notice what is happening when things go wrong; the cheque that bounced, the flat tyre, a traffic jam, a fight with your partner. The trouble is if we only notice the bad things, life can feel even tougher; the sense of life’s drudgery increases, contentment goes down. It can be difficult to slow down enough or to find the time to notice the other things. However, it could do wonders for your mental health to shift your perspective. What else is there to notice? : A good night’s sleep. The warmth of your house when it’s cold outside. A bright day. The beauty of the l

What Is Your Life Story?

In many ways therapy is an opportunity to tell your life story. No one is a better expert on the story of your life than you, not even your therapist. Like telling any story, there are many ways in which that story can go, there are numerous threads that can be explored and developed. Also like any story, there is scope for it to be re-written. Life presents us with many challenging events, people and issues and how we look at these and interpret them will inevitably affect how we experience them; positively, negatively or somewhere in between. Therapy can help to re-interpret and re-evaluate life experiences and relationships so that they can be approached in healthier, more productive ways

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