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What Do You Notice?

Life is busy, life is tough and sometimes the effort of it can feel relentless. As a result we often only take time to stop and notice what is happening when things go wrong; the cheque that bounced, the flat tyre, a traffic jam, a fight with your partner. The trouble is if we only notice the bad things, life can feel even tougher; the sense of life’s drudgery increases, contentment goes down. It can be difficult to slow down enough or to find the time to notice the other things. However, it could do wonders for your mental health to shift your perspective.

What else is there to notice? :

  • A good night’s sleep.

  • The warmth of your house when it’s cold outside.

  • A bright day.

  • The beauty of the leaves changing on the trees.

  • Having plenty of food to eat.

  • The green lights when they’ve all been red.

  • A smile from a stranger.

  • Your health.

  • A hug from your partner.

  • A safe home.

  • The absence of war.

  • Payday.

  • The quiet moments.

  • A lovely memory.

  • The happiness of your friends and family.

  • A good book.

  • The love of your children.

................ the list could go on and on.

Sometimes happiness is a big holiday, an unexpected bonus, a new car or falling in love. Most of the time, happiness is in the little details of every day if we just take the time to notice. If we notice the good things in every day then we don’t feel so hard done by for the knocks, the unfair things and the bad times. There is much to be grateful for in every single day if we only take the time to notice. Slow down. Breath. Take notice. You'll be glad you did.

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